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‘I live and intentionally work in a positive environment that is resourceful and productive so that I can create compelling content to help others engage and prosper.’

-Charlene F. Franklin

What Can I Do For You?

Take a look at everything I have to offer!

SEO Optimization

Wording for funnels/site SEO is very important to reach a magnitude of clients.

Email Marketing

Create unique, converting emails to improve direct sales or signups.

Social Media Branding

Brand yourself with LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. I create bios, resumes, and much more!


Sherry Macharia

I have great respect for Charlene and feel that she would be great asset to any company. Charlene is organized and has strong leadership traits. She has great rapport with others and excellent communication skills. She is efficient, detail oriented and extremely competent.

Grieg Murry

She has amazing empathy towards others and yet she doesn’t hold back when she knows what is best.
With all that and more she will find time to help or just chat with you. She is always ready to offer advice without being overbearing and if you come to her with a problem, she will help you look for a solution.

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